Morning exercises for pianists

Daily during the pianists Summer Retreat:

Morning exercise for pianists
(group sessions)

Included for every participant of the Masterclass.


Pianists Need Specific Exercices

  • Your Day Begins with Energizing Exercises: Your day will begin with carefully selected physical exercises to sharpen both your body and mind. These sessions are designed to boost blood circulation and mental alertness, equipping you with the vigor needed for the day’s intellectual and musical challenges.
  • Tailored to the Needs of Pianists: As a pianist, you face unique physical demands and challenges. Our program addresses these specific needs, focusing on exercises that enhance posture, strengthen musculature relevant to piano playing, and improve overall physical resilience. These practices are not just for the duration of the retreat but are skills you can take home and integrate into your daily routine.
  • Guidance from Experts in Physiotherapy and Yoga: Experience the benefits of alternating daily sessions led by a specialized physiotherapist and a skilled yoga instructor. This approach ensures a well-rounded regimen that supports both your physical and mental health, specifically curated to enhance your performance as a pianist.
  • Conclude with a Centering Cool Down: Your morning session will wind down with a gentle cool down, helping to relax your muscles and align your thoughts. This serene end to your morning exercise prepares you to face the masterclass and performances with calm and focus, ensuring you start your day on the best note possible.

 Your instructor

Ivano Oggero is a distinguished rehabilitation therapist specializing in neuropsychomotor rehabilitation. With extensive expertise in physiotherapy and a profound understanding of the physical demands faced by pianists, Ivano offers a unique approach to enhancing performance through targeted exercises. His sessions, grounded in his comprehensive background, are designed to improve posture, strengthen muscles crucial for piano playing, and promote overall physical resilience.

Participants of the masterclass will benefit from Ivano’s tailored regimen, aimed at optimizing both physical and mental health for peak musical performance.