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Pianists Summer Retreat

6-13 July 2024

Experience 8 days of musical mastery and personal enrichment at our Piano Masterclass in picturesque Orio Canavese, Italy.

Daily Activities:

  • Morning Exercise: Start every day with specialized gymnastic exercises tailored for pianists.
  • Piano Masterclass: Engage in intensive piano lessons with top international experts.
  • “Meet an Expert” Activity: Enhance your artistry with daily encounters, ranging from meetings with the piano tuner, nutritionist and psychologist to immersive cultural tours.
  • Public Performances: Showcase your skills in evening concerts open to the public.

🛌 🆓 Free accommodation is available with local families. 
🍴🥤 Lunch and dinner are available at a discounted price of €9 per meal, to be reserved during registration

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Participate in a week-long intensive piano masterclass in Orio Canavese, designed for young pianists to refine their skills under top international instructors. Begin each day with specialized fitness routines and engage in sessions with experts like piano tuner, nutritionist and psychologist. Showcase your talent in daily public concerts and connect with the community through performances for local schools. Enjoy cultural excursions and immerse yourself in Italian culture by staying with host families.

The Faculty

Noemi Dalmau Fuentes (Spain)
Piano and chamber music

Noemi Dalmau Fuentes pianist

Noemi Dalmau Fuentes is a Spanish pianist acclaimed for her interpretative skills and pedagogical expertise. Trained in Spain and the prestigious École Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot in Paris, she performs regularly across Europe and teaches at the Conservatori Professional de Música i Dansa and the Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears in Mallorca. She also serves as a juror in various international music competitions, contributing significantly to the classical music scene both as a performer and an educator.

Caroline Weichert (Germany)

Caroline Weichert, a renowned German pianist and tenured professor at the Musikhochschule in Hamburg, has an illustrious career marked by her specialization in less frequently performed repertoires, as highlighted by her diverse discography and recognition in the field, including prestigious awards like the Choc de Classica and Maestro from Pianiste magazine. Her effective teaching style, deeply rooted in classical tradition, has significantly shaped the skills of emerging musicians in Europe 

Simone Gragnani (Italy)

Simone Gragnani is an accomplished pianist and dedicated piano teacher with a comprehensive educational background from institutions like the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Known for his holistic approach to piano teaching, Simone emphasizes effortless playing and deep musical understanding, catering to students across Europe. He has performed extensively and his pedagogical techniques incorporate the Kodaly and Gordon methods, making him a respected figure in classical music education.

Olga Litvichko (Kazakhstan)
Young pianists

Olga Litvichko is a dedicated pianist and educator whose passion for music shines through her performances and teaching endeavors. With a focus on both solo and collaborative works, she shares her expertise and love for the piano through her activities as a performer and instructor. 

Silvia Bertani (Italy)
Young pianists and piano accompaniment

Silvia Bertani is a dedicated piano teacher known for her commitment to fostering musical skills in young students. Teaching at the Leone Sinigaglia music institute in Chivasso, she skillfully guides her young pianists through a repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary works. Silvia Bertani has extensive experience as an accompanist pianist, particularly in the repertoire dedicated to the cello. She has been collaborating for years with the cello classes at the Conservatory of Turin.

Davide Cava (Italy)

Davide Cava, a pianist from Cirié, Italy, trained under the guidance of Luigi Dominici and Marina Scalafiotti at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Turin. He then continued his musical education in the U.S. with Joaquín Achúcarro at Southern Methodist University, where he earned advanced degrees in piano performance. Cava has garnered significant recognition through international competitions and has performed extensively across the globe in both solo and chamber music settings. His dedication to music is also reflected in his teaching, where he passes on his expertise to emerging pianists and collaborates with renowned musicians.

Marina Scalafiotti (Italy)

Marina Scalafiotti, a prominent Italian pianist, is renowned for her exceptional teaching and performing skills across a range of musical periods from baroque to contemporary. With her extensive career as a concert pianist and a committed educator, Scalafiotti has excelled in imparting musical knowledge and interpretation to students and audiences alike. She is highly regarded for her virtuosity and her ability to convey deep musical insights, qualities that she brings to her role at the Conservatory of Torino. Her remarkable achievements in both national and international piano competitions underline her stature in the classical music community. Scalafiotti is also active in giving master classes abrode and serving as a juror at various prestigious piano competitions globally.

  • Every morning, 1h exercises 
  • One full morning seminar with the professional piano-tuner

Perhaps you’d like to see dramatic improvement with:

  • Technique…
  • Touch…
  • Fingering…
  • Analysis

Who is this course for?

  • Piano students seeking an intensive Italian experience 
  • Those seeking to get to an advanced level of expression on the piano.
  • This course is perfect for anyone wanting to play at a higher professional level
  • Pianists at medium or higher levels will find these personal lessons very helpful as they exclusively focus on the specific things that make you a better player.

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At TeleMasterClass, students are challenged to focus on discovering and developing what makes you unique. 

Working with an Italian concert pianist gives you one-of-a-kind experience and insight you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Great pianists often cite international instructors and overseas experiences as formative transitions in their journey to greatness.