Online piano masterclasses

With Marina Scalafiotti

If you’re serious about studying piano and are eager to learn from an internationally known concert performer…

Why you'll love Telemasterclass?

  • Faster Improvement. Study becomes better and more focused when you’re challenged to record yourself
  • Watch pre-recorded lessons on your specific project
  • Download annotated sheet music with loads of information to keep you improving outside your lessons
  • Save loads of time and money on travel and accommodation
  • Learn with a lifelong teacher who’s deeply devoted to improving your skills

If you aspire forward

  • Perfecting your technique
  • Enhanced Musicality
  • Greater Interpretative ability
  • Or you’d like assistance in Preparation for an International Piano Competition

Perhaps you’d like to see dramatic improvement with:

  • Technique…
  • Touch…
  • Fingering…
  • Analysis

Who is this course for?

  • Piano students seeking an intensive Italian experience 
  • Those seeking to get to an advanced level of expression on the piano.
  • This course is perfect for anyone wanting to play at a higher professional level
  • Pianists at medium or higher levels will find these personal lessons very helpful as they exclusively focus on the specific things that make you a better player.

Benefits You'll Only find with Telemasterclass

  • Weekly online concerts with students
  • We’ll promote your performance videos on Facebook
  • Live weekly lessons that enhance your deep learning process
  • Use existing tech (Skype) to create an interactive environment for your growth!
  • Learn one-on-one with an internationally renowned Italian concert pianist

Your Teacher

An accomplished concert pianist and winner of numerous national and international piano competitions. She’s regularly called to teach in Piano Masterclasses around the world, actually teaching principal piano in one of the most prestigious conservatories in Italy.




At TeleMasterClass, students are challenged to focus on discovering and developing what makes you unique. 

Working with an Italian concert pianist gives you one-of-a-kind experience and insight you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Great pianists often cite international instructors and overseas experiences as formative transitions in their journey to greatness.